Kelp Tablets

Kelp is a sea vegetable that is among the highest on the list of iodine rich foods. Moreover, Kelp is highly nutritious all around, containing almost every essential mineral, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. The ocean is natures greatest source of minerals, so it makes sense that sea vegetables which bathe in ocean waters 24/7 are so nutritious. Fresh seaweed is not easily available for most people, but there are several excellent kelp tablet supplements which can help you take advantage of this nutritional powerhouse plant in an easy, convenient, and inexpensive manner.

Top Kelp Tablet Products

After careful review of all the major brands on the market, our official opinion is that the above two bands are the most superior kelp supplements on the market. The reason is that each of these companies has been well established for many years, and they each are the only brands which publicly disclose their stringent testing methods to ensure that their supplements are of the highest quality and free of dangerous contaminants which can exist in seafood. You can find that information here:

The Now brand is not pure kelp, and contains a blend of dulse seaweed, but it has more iodine per dose (325mcg) as opposed to the Solgar Brand (200mcg). If you want a pure kelp supplement and are willing to pay a little extra, then Solgar is the choice for you.

Top Kelp Granule Products

This product is not “exactly” a supplement but is worth an honorable mention. Kelp granules are simply dried kelp flakes which you can eat standalone or sprinkle onto to some food. They can bring a salty, briny crunch to a dish and taste great. Moreover, the company that makes this, Marine Coast Sea Vegetables, has the most comprehensive and publicly disclosed testing procedures and results that we can find, which you can view here: